nastygal peasant top

Lately, I’ve been livin’ for the weekend. I just recently became a full-time nanny working the norm of Monday thru Friday. I change diapers, clean up spilled milk, sing songs,  play cars, wipe off sticky hands, & cuddle as often as needed. But it doesn’t leave much time to pick out a cute outfit, get all fixed up, & head out to take my beloved outfit pictures. Five days of the week I become a fill-in mom & I’m so glad that I am able to catch a break (unlike real mothers, you the real mvp) & do what I love on the weekends.
Every weekend without fail I’ve been able to indulge my creative side by standing in front of my no-door closet & letting the pieces hanging before me dance their way into a harmonious outfit. It makes me sad that I’m only able to do this twice a week when not too long ago I did it every single day. But I’ll take what I can get, & last Sunday’s look was one for the books!

Last Sunday, like every Sunday, I spent it with family before heading to church. Side note: getting dressed for church is my absolute favorite! Anyway, this Sunday was especially special because it was Yo Momma’s Day which may also be known as Mother’s Day by the vast majority. It was a day where we celebrate mom’s & those like our mom’s for being the best around. So what better way to honor your momma then to flaunt what she gave you? I’m just kidding. I did no such thing. I just wore this super awesome off the shoulder peasant top from NastyGal & paired it with some skinnies & black platform slingbacks. It was one of those outfits where I wish I could wear it everyday. And since I now live for the weekend to be able to wear cool get ups like these, then maybe it wouldn’t hurt to actually do it. I mean I could, but it would probably eventually get too stinky to handle like the diaper I’m about to change. 

Hope you’re having a good Thursday! It’s almost Friday! And the weekend!! Three cheers to that!!! 
— abbey kay

Top | Skinnies | Shoes | Clutch


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