let it speak for itself

One of my most favorite things about fashion is when it’s bold enough to speak for itself. When it’s daring & drastic & mysterious just in the way it’s being worn. Pieces like this tell stories the second you walk into a room. They create chatter & imagination. They make wonder & judgement. They tell something about you that you never fully could with a mouth full of words. To me, this dress did just that.

It’s just a simple off the shoulder black boho dress from PYLO, also known as Pursue Your Life’s Obsession. But it’s so much more. It’s a dress that’s helping me live out my life’s obsession. It’s helping me to be creative in the only way I know how: styling outfits. It could just be a plain ole dress to any other person. But to me, it’s a key part in the only masterpiece I’ll ever know how to create. Without this dress speaking louder than my words could ever say, I’d just be another mute not knowing how to communicate with the world.

Clothes are how I express myself & the skills I have been given. It’s the only way I know how to show myself. It’s my life’s obsession. What’s yours, & are you going to pursue it?
— abbey kay

Dress | Shoes | Hat similar | Bag similar






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