lush cosmetics review

  When I went to LA back in February I was able to go to my first ever Lush Cosmetics store. It was such an experience. Before then, I didn’t think much about the products I used to wash/take care of my face. I used whatever was cheapest & functional. But after visiting their Pasadena store & talking to their very informative sales associates, I have become hooked on all of their products. Today, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on items from facial soap, lotion, body soap, buddy butter, & more!

First up, this mango scented shower soap bar. This stuff smells amazing & so fruity. It lathers well & doesn’t leave behind a soapy residue like some soaps tend to do. But what I love most about it (& all Lush products) is that it’s  made out of all natural ingredients! I know it’s good for my skin because it’s made with good things. I can’t wait to try out some of their other scented soaps once this one is all used up!

This product was the one that I was most excited to test out. It’s called Buffy & it’s a body butter exfoliation bar. I can’t emphasize this enough, I LOVE THIS BAR! I’m not kidding. It has natural oils that hydrate the skin & ground bits of almonds that buff away dead skin. You just rub it all over at the end of your shower routine,  rinse it off, & you’re left with the most hydrated skin ever! No need for lotion after the shower because your skin is good to go! I also love that you can purchase a case for just $3.99 so that it keeps it’s shape while in the steamy shower & is great for traveling too. This product is something you must try for yourself! You will not be disappointed one bit. 

This is a facial soap cleanser made of charcoal bits. It’s another deep cleanser with exfoliation bits & it feels so gentle on my face. I love a good clean feeling at the end of the day once all my make-up comes off, & this product delivers just that. Lathers & rinses well & is a great all around cleanser in my book for my blended skin.

This face lotion is called Imperials & it’s the second facial moisturizer I have used by Lush. I love the thickness of this product. Once applied I know my face is being well hydrated. It’s not too heavy & I even apply it under my make-up. It smells great & a little goes a long, long way. 

This last product is another one of my favorites from Lush. It’s called Grease Lightning & it’s a spot treatment. You know how one little blemish will pop up & totally ruin your day? Well just a small dab of this stuf & it totally dries it up without drying out your skin. It works wonders & it works quickly. Love to apply this stuff before bed or for a long slow morning at home. You’ll never have a good day go bad due to an announced facial enemy. 
Overall, I think that Lush Cosmetics has a great line of products. I’m really wanting to try out their other stuff such as shampoos, conditioners, make-up, & more. I’m happy purchasing from a brand who puts care & thought into each of their products. Knowing that this stuff is good for me makes each & every purchase worth it. 
Have any of you tried out Lush Cosmetics? What’s your favorite product? Let me know below!

— abbey kay
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