all black outfit 


If you’ve been following me for quite some time or (probably) even just a few posts back, then you know by now tnat black is my happy color. It truly is. I wear it most often, I feel the best when wearing it, & I feel I look my best while draped in the color as well. I’m just a simple girl who loves her color black

Black can make the most simple piece look chic & elegant. And it can take your most basic everyday piece & make it shine like gold. Head-to-toe black outfits are a staple of mine that I wear all too often. Playing with the textures & styles of pieces is what makes a look like this stand out. 

I wore this outfit to a family pizza dinner (all hail the cheesy pizza) & then later to church. I got tons of compliments on the look which is funny because the pieces are just so simple. A black cotton dress & a sheer black kimono & done. You’ve caught everybody’s eye & they think this outfit is actually something special. When in reality it was just a look that made me feel comfortable in my monochratic skin. All black outfits I really do love you, & pizza of course too!
— abbey kay
Dress similar | Kimono similar | Vintage Clutch similar | Shoes


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