thrifting on a weekday


For about the last year now I’ve been working weekends & have had a few weekdays off. Which means I’ve had a complete opposite schedule than everybody else in my life. It’s been hard & lonely at times not being able to see the ones you love or having to squeeze in face time in whatever way you can. But it can sometimes be adventurous too.

My dad has been the photographer for my blog for some time now. He’ll drop whatever he’s doing to meet up with me in order to capture my #ootd’s. I usually swing by his work place in downtown Reno, pick him up & find a quick location to shoot the pics, we’ll briefly talk about our days & then I’ll buzz him back to work. It’s a quick interaction but it’s always fun & worth it. 

A few weeks ago we picked out this white garage wall around the side of a local thrift shop. He made me smile, snapped the pics & we were about to be on our way. But then he asked if we could stop in the store real quick just to look around. My dad loves thrifting & I love seeing him in action, so of course I was game. The trip was spontaneous & he didn’t end up finding anything, but those few extra moments with him that day meant the world to me. We walked out empty handed (though I did go back to buy a few vintage bags, score!) & I drove him back to his office for a meeting & our days went their separate ways from there.

I sometimes thing that we live our lives so tightly on a schedule that we forget that it only takes a few minutes to create something magical. Yeah, I’m 22 & an adult now. But those 3-5 extra minutes that I spent with my dad that afternoon meant the world to me. He could have wanted to go straight back to work & to the grind of life. But his simple action of taking the extra moment to spend with me totally made my day! I want to live life more like that. Taking the extra minute or two & to make something meaningful happens instead of rushing past it to get to the next part of my day.

So thanks dad for doing something far greater than you’ll ever really know. And thanks for always being there to spend time with me & for taking my blog pictures too, of course!

— abbey kay 

Top Pants | Shoes similar | Bag


One response to “thrifting on a weekday”

  1. lovelydiakate Avatar

    Love this outfit, looks so comfy! Its funny how just the little things that loved ones do can mean so much to us! Great post 🙂

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