madewell dress for easter


Ever heard of the notorious brand Madewell? They’re known for their perfect leather tote bags & stylish simplistic clothing line. I’ve scoped out their shop on IG for months now & even stepped into one of their stores while in LA. I’ve been envious of them for quite some time now & indecisive me finally bought one of their pieces online a few weeks ago.

Online shopping is sometimes difficult when purchasing from a store that is not local to you, or when you’ve never owned something from the store. But you can always choose the safest route by selecting a cotton item that is on sale. I did just this therefore being able to spend less in order to check out the brand. So I found, I clicked, & waited for the piece to arrive that fit into both of those categories. The results? The most gorgeous jersey inspired dress I have ever worn! I absolutely love my selection & will be purchasing from Madewell again!

It was so perfect that I just had to wear it for Easter this past Sunday even though it was freezing outside! Don’t let the pictures fool you because it seriously barely made it to the mid 40’s here in Reno. But I just had to wear it, I was already determined to & I just couldn’t change my mind about it. I fought the cold to look cute & let me tell you, the cuteness definitely won. 

Hope you all enjoyed celebrating Easter this weekend with family & friends, & celebrated the truth that Jesus not only died for you, but rose for you too!

— abbey kay 


Be sure to follow the above tips when purchasing online to assure a happy outcome! And follow along daily over on IG at (@fash_byabb). 

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