some spring thoughts & goals


Spring has officially been sprung for a few weeks now.  And with it comes sunshine, warmer days, neighborhood walks, blooming trees, lighter nights, & new dreams. To me, spring has always been a time to think about new beginnings. You’ve let the winter cold thaw off your hibernated mood & you’re ready for adventure & exploring. You want to try new things & experience life (outside of your house) again! You’ve been cooped up all winter & now it’s time to spread those wings & fly the nest.

This spring I intend to experience something different & be braver than I ever have before. I want to go on hikes, explore my city, indulge in local culture, eat at new resturaunts, take random day adventures & truly find the best donut place in town. Because I sometimes feel like I’m a stranger to the place I have grown up in. I let fear drive my will to not do something. I crave knowing all these things, but am afraid to actually partake in them. But I’m done being that stiff-self. I want something fresh & bright to enjoy. 

So what better way to do these things than to write/post them for the world to see, therefore keeping me completely accountable! Keep reading to see what I plan on doing this upcoming spring to conquer my fears & fall in the love with the city I’m in! 

1. Shop at a local downtown boutique, & actually buy something!

2. Go to coffee with someone who isn’t a close friend & let them choose the place.

3. Take a day to just walk the city with friends. 

4. Eat lunch in a local park. 

5. Hike somewhere. 

6. Have a friend teach you their passion & teach them yours too.

7. Take a local class of some sort. 

8. Go to a local event, even if it’s way out of your element.

9. Take a drive just to see something you’ve always wanted to see.

10. Try a new local bakery, café, or coffee spot. Better yet, all three!

These might seem like simple things, but they’re things that will push me out of my comfort zone for sure. Best part, they’re so generic that you can join me in doing them in your city too! Raise your hand if you’re down to have an adventurous spring & let me know below which one you’re willing to try yourself!

Here’s to new beginnings, adventure, & exploring!

— abbey kay 





One response to “some spring thoughts & goals”

  1. Amanda Avatar

    3,4,5 & 8,9,10.
    Count me in!

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