it’s spring & i want things

We’re just days into the sunny season of spring & that means putting the chunky sweaters away & digging out all the flirty trends from last year. My fave’s from last spring were definitely harem pants & crop tops tees. I just couldn’t get enough because I loved those things! This year crops are back & I’ve helped to scope out other new trends for the season that I’m itchin to get my hands on. Keep reading to see all the things that I want to be rocking this spring!


You know I can’t even create a wishlist list without adding something from Hello Apparel, & this time is no different. What else could be more perfect than this baseball style Hello Tee when spring training is just around the corner! Will definitely be adding this to my spring line-up, plus it also comes in red with polka dot writing too! How cute is that? (Adult & kids sizes!!!)


Mustard yellow is a color that is my jam. When I start tanning in the spring this color & I become friends. And I want this dress from Zara to be my best friend! The shape is so flattering for any size & the embroidery is a perfect touch of flirt to make this dress my new go-to for spring. 

  Platform sandals are totally the shoe for spring. I’ve never been a fan of sandals, or even heels until just this past winter, but I’m so into this look! They’re chunky & cute & will dress up any look with ease. Buy these ones from Forever 21 or head to either TopShop or NastyGal to get the same exact look.


Next up is the new bag for the season: the drawstring shoulder bag. This one is from H&M & I am just so in love with the color! I’ve seen these bags all over & it totally fits the boho vibe that spring has sprung all over clothing stores. It’s a fun shape & is different than the traditional looks of bags this generation has seen recently.


This is the new crop top shape for spring! And I’m loving this one & it’s beautiful colors & patterns from TopShop. Best part? It also comes in tons of basic colors too if patterns just isn’t your thing. But honestly who could resist wearing something so bold that’s eye catching & will stand out?


 Swallow’s Heart is another shop that I can’t help but brag about. Shop owner Meghan just re-opened for spring & launched a new line along with it. This grey agate horn necklace instantly caught my eye & I can’t wait to add it to my jewelry collection.


I’m not a huge fan of pants if they’re not black or patterned, but these palazzo pants from Forever 21 make me swoon. The color scream safari & the style is all boho & I think they’ll make a great addition to any spring wardrobe. 


NastyGal is a sick shop & I loved visiting it while in LA to make my first purchases. Now, I can’t help but parouse their site weekly! These  angled sunnies caught my eye & I hope to be putting them on mine soon. They’re just so cute!



If you haven’t noticed by now, spring is all about the 70’s boho vibe. This top from Urban Outfitters takes those elements & combines them with a great pattern & subtle black & white combo. I’m so down with this top & all it has to offer!


The new lip color for spring is somewhere between a deep nude & a deep pink with undertones of rosey purple. I want to buy this one from MAC because I’ve never worn lipstick from them & hear it’s the most long lasting. So let’s hope it’s worth the splurge!

Well these items are at the top of the list for things I want this spring! I just love this season & the brighter days that come along with it. What’s on your spring wishlist? Let me know below!

— abbey kay





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