leather jackets can be found under BA in the dictionary


I’m just gonna go ahead & say it… There’s just something so bad ass about wearing a black leather jacket. I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what social status you claim, or what generation you were born into. The leather jacket will forever be timeless & it will forever be the symbol of power. If I know this to be true, then why do I always forget to wear mine?

Beats me. But the other day I took mine out for a spin & it didn’t dare to disappoint. It made me feel confident & like I could take on the world & I believe everyone around me got that same exact vibe. I felt like I wore the jacket & didn’t let it wear me. What does that even mean? It means, that I didn’t let others sprinkle their thoughts upon me like fake cheese on a pepperoni pizza. But instead I took charge of what I was wearing & made it follow me like the innocent by-floaters of a lazy river. Sorry, I’ve clearly got food & summer on the brain. But the analogies make sense!

Sometimes it’s scary to wear such a cliché piece of clothing, but I think that’s where all the fun lies. I mean, anyone can throw on a leather jacket & call it good. But a real BA girl knows what to wear it with & how to wear it alongside a fierce & confident attitude. Next time you wear the classic leather look, be sure to leave your “girl next door” mantra at home & pick up your MBA in being BA before you head out the door.

Who else loves how they feel when wearing a leather jacket?

— abbey kay

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