truself organics: detoxifying mask review 

A few weeks ago I discovered the Truself Organics company via Instagram & was really excited to be checking out their detoxifying mask. It shipped super quickly & came in the cutest & most eco-friendly packaging. Last week, I tried out the mask for the first time & am now so glad to have crossed paths with such an awesome organic product. Today, I’ll be showing you just how simple it is to use in a step-by-step how to!

It comes in powder form which is awesome because that means you determine how much product you want to use at a time. All you need besides the product is a small bowl, a mixing utensil, & some water. 

They suggest using equal parts water for product & it worked out great! You may need to determine just how much of each you want to use depending on how thick you want your mask to apply. First go around, I did 1 teaspoon of each & felt it wasn’t quite enough. Next, I tried out about 1 1/2 teaspoons product/water & preferred that consistency. 

The last & final step is to stir & apply to face. So simple. It dried almost instantly! They suggest keeping it on for 10-30 minutes & doing so for less if you have sensitive skin. I do not, & went the whole 30 minutes. 


Selfies in masks always just seem so silly to me! But they are pretty fun. I rinsed the product with warm water & loved the results! My skin really did feel like it had been deeply rid of all bad toxins. My skin was a bit red after the rinse, but that went away almost instantly. I love this product & brand so much & am looking forward to trying out other organic products that they offer as well. 

Best part? Their #loveyourself hashtag. Now who wouldn’t get on board with a company who pushes that? I’m officially all in. 

— abbey kay


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