rainy day in downtown la

Day two in LA was all sorts of fun, adventurous, feet tiring (seriously, this day killed em), & an all around knowledge about what weekend life would be like if I lived in the city. You can read about my entire trip here because this post is all the about the outfit. 

I’d call it casually chic, because I walked down the streets of LA like I owned that town & I felt every bit of comfortable while doing it. It ended up raining all day as we traveled from place to place & I’m so glad I decided to wear a hat that day. Walking from shop to shop in the middle of locals I didn’t get stared at once. Here in reno, if a girl were wearing a fashion hat on any old Tuesday people wouldn’t know what to do. But in LA, I fit in & it was so NICE! 

Another reason this outfit was so great was because I opted out of my all black comfort zone & chose to wear a different neutral, the beloved grey. Yay me for expanding my color horizons! Bonus: I even went further & paired it with navy blue accessories! Who was this girl from a rainy day in LA? Beats me, but I love her bold decision in stepping out of her norm & taking a fashion risk that seemed to work out all too well. I felt so confident in this look & I think the image show just that. 

— abbey kay 

Top (similar) | Leggings | Hat | Bag | Boots | Necklace





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