i’m so fancy la










This outfit was from my first day in la & I haven’t felt so fancy since. I rocked this look all over Melrose & onto Rodeo drive. This trench coat blazer is probably my most favorite piece I currently own. The color is so classic & the side slits make it extremely flattering. I scored big when I saw this piece just before I left to go on my trip. I knew I had to have it to take on my greatest adventure yet. It layered great with a striped black & see through tunic, some booties, & my favorite pair of skinnies.

I think the best part about outfits is the way they make you feel. They give you confidence when you need it most. Clothes aren’t everything, but they are something. And if you can create a look that makes you feel golden no matter what you’re headed into for the day, then your day will certainly be sweet & full. This outfit made me feel like I fit into the big city of LA & that I belonged there. It cost me less than 100 bucks, but I felt like a million of them.

Everyone struggles with being confident from time to time & when a well put together outfit can reassure you that you’re a BA girl, well then you’ve got nothing to lose. Just work it girl & show the world who’s boss.

Which of your latest outfits made you feel like you could take on the world? Let me know below!

— abbey kay

Trenchcoat | Top similar | Tote similar | Skinnies | Sunnies | Booties


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