how accessories can change your look

I used to accessorize like crazy. Necklaces, earrings, scarfs, belts, you name it, I wore it. Sometimes all at once. Then I cut back a bit. Then I took part in it again & over did it (like layering/bulging/what-the-heck-am-I-even-wearing type accessories). So then I stopped again almost completely. Now, I believe I’ve mastered the ability to accessorize, to know when it’s too much, & what pieces to use to achieve the look I’m aiming for. Today, I’ll be showing you the same outfit twice, each with it’s own unique accessory. I’ve always wanted to share with you guys a side-by-side example of this & finally found the outfit to do so in! First up, boho girl.

The floral crown









Do you own a floral crown? Well every girl should! They’re not an everyday piece, but they should be a part of your hair accessory stash. They are also not only for summer! The other day when I wore this look it was so nice out that I was desperately itching for spring. So I threw on this floral crown & felt like I could run through green meadows. Just kidding. I only ended up running errands in it. But seriously you guys. Floral crowns are fun little ways to add a little something extra to your outfit & make you stand out. I always feel so special & girly when wearing one (that’s right, I have more than one!) of mine. Definitely a show stopping accessory in my book.

Up next, same outfit, different look. Introducing…cool girl.

The Sunnies









Not gonna lie. I felt cool throwing on dem shades. It totally changed my attitude & you can so tell from the pics! I was serious & mysterious with this accessory. I feel like sunglasses can totally do that for you. You can hide a lot behind the dark lenses, but confidence is just one that seems to pour out whenever I’m wearing this everyday accessory. Anybody else feel this vibe when rocking a pair of their favorite sunnies? Well put your hand in the air, cool girl, because I clearly feel the same! Sunglasses can transform any outfit from drab to fab & all you have to do is walk down the (bright) street.


Well there ya have it! An outfit worn the same way, but swapping out different accessories to create different personas & looks. The accessories you put on in the morning really do matter & are the selling point of the look you’re trying to create. Have fun, try new things, & keep taking on & off accessories until you know you’ve found the right one. Come on, we all know we’ve all wasted hours standing in front of the mirror doing this.
Just admit it. Now tell me which is favorite look below because I’d love to know!

— abbey kay

Top/ H&M Jeans/ Old Navy Booties/ Old Navy Jacket/ Top Knot Goods Sunnies/ Urban Outfitters Floral Crown/ Monroe & Harlow


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