it’s ikat-ching










Top/ H&M Pants/ H&M Cardigan/ Forever 21 similar Tote/ Forever 21 Booties/ Old Navy

In my opinion, one of the most believed fashion faux pas is that winter wear must be boring. But that is just simply not true. You don’t have to settle for just some rugged boots, long sleeve tee, & a scarf to make it through til spring. It is quite alright to jump out of the dull box & wear something fun & alive.

These ikat pants are exactly what you need to do just that. The pattern is bold & daring, & screams out of the norm. It also helps to elongate the body when paired with this waterfall cardigan & these brown leather booties. The three pieces together draw attention to the real selling point of the look though: the flirty, yet sophisticated cry that this turtleneck crop top seems to be saying. The pants may be what draws in your attention, but the slip of slender midriff is what keeps you around.

And this, my lady friends, is how you spice up a gloomy winter look. Add a little oomf. Add a little skin. Add some pattern & some long limps. It may be cold for the next few months, but in a look like this you’ll only be feeling hot.

— abbey kay

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One response to “it’s ikat-ching”

  1. funkyfashion007 Avatar

    Such a cute outfit! I love the patterned pants, they are so fun! 🙂

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