ten dollar jacket










Jacket/ Forever 21 similar Top/ Forever 21 Bag/ Forever 21 Jeans/ Old Navy Boots/ Old Navy

Have you ever bought a jacket that was just ten dollars? I have! Did you buy it & it didn’t even fit at the time? I did that too. Call me crazy. Please. I already know that I am. But a few weeks back I had to snag this black beauty & didn’t even care that it felt a little snug on my arms at the time. I knew I was going to go back on the Whole30 program & that it would skin down my features a bit. And who in their right mind could pass up on a ten dollar jacket. Ten dollars! That’s less than a meal. I’m too savvy to let that deal go on to somebody else. Plus the way it ties together in the back on the bottom hem is probably what really sold me. So cute!

Buyer tip: don’t be too cool to shop the sale rack. Yeah, sometimes the stuff sits there for months & even years & is completely outdated. But stores do mark downs constantly which means things that were full price just yesterday, could be ten dollars today.

— abbey kay

H&M is offering 30% off their sale items right now. I scored tons of pants/tops for just $7 there yesterday. Seven dollars, that’s less than ten I believe!


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