mid-winter “treat yoself” list

It’s only just under three weeks since Christmas took place & I’m sure we all got more than we could have bargained for. But it’s not too late for eyeing & wanting some new things now is it? I don’t think so! I’m really good at forgetting to mention things during the holidays that I’ve actually been wanting for quite some time. So today I’m gonna share what I would call a “treat yoself” list because we all deserve to get ourselves that little something extra for no reason at all. Let’s begin!


I am loving this Hustle Hard Hoodie from the Florida brand, Hustle Sauce. It’s such a bold saying with a clean cut text & who can honestly pass up a good grey sweatshirt? Not this girl!


Next up is this 205 Mascara Fan Brush from Mac Cosmetics. I read about it a few weeks ago on Byrdie, an online beauty magazine. The genius behind the brush & how it helps to fan out your eyelashes as you coat on mascara is something I am more than willing to invest money in to try out.


I’m into minimalistic lately & this white table from Target screams that. I’ve been wanting a plain ole white table for quite some time now & I’ll either find one thrifting or pick this one up for just $29.99. Or maybe both!


It should come as no surprise that I’m not one who understands much about working out, being fit, or the proper attire to wear during either. But I have recently dipped my toes into it & I spend half my weeks now is workout clothes while I nanny & my other job is spent wearing trendy clothes & boots for 8 hours on my feet. So on the days I’m at home chasing kids my leg hands need comfort! And that’s why I desperately need these Nike Free 5.0 Women’s Running Shoes. Will I ever actually run in these things? Probably not. But I take frequent long walks with the kids & my feet need some decent support. Bonus: they’re currently on sale. Score!


Faux fur rugs are totally a thing right now. They actually have been for quite some time now. But I’m hoping to get my first one soon & this one from IKEA is only $12.99. But sadly you can’t order it online, so who wants to make a trip to Sacramento (the nearest location to where I live) with me to pick it up?


Has anyone else noticed that Forever 21 has totally stepped up their bag game this past year? Well they totally have & the prices aren’t too bad either. I’m totally loving this one. Well & this one, & this one, & this one too. But I promise to only get one okay. Maybe, two. Okay, you’re right. I’ll probably get the whole lot…

br />

Lately, I’ve been swooning over the new arrivals from H&M & this V-Neck Sweatshirt in light pink is totally at the top of my list. I love the sort of vintage look of it with the plunging dramatic neckline. Hoping to add this to my closet soon especially since it’s just $9.99 & comes in multiple colors too!


I honestly don’t think that I can make a wish list without adding something from Swallow’s Heart every single time. And this Crystal Quartz Arrowhead Brass Cuff basically tells you why. Everything shop owner Megahn makes is simply too dreamy to be real. I’m not a huge fan of arm candy, but I’d definitely be drooling with this thing on my wrist. It’s that perfect!


I got a Crosley record player for Christmas & I bought my first record, Talking Is Hard by Walk the Moon to go along with it. The album is amazing & it’s so true that music sounds better vinyl than through digital recordings. So I’m hoping to get this album by them, which is self titled, on Amazon soon. If you haven’t given them a listen then you really need to. Like now. Do it. Seriously, right now.


It should come as no shock that I don’t own a brown hat. Why? Because I almost always wear all black! But I’m working hard to try & incorporate more color into my looks & I think this Alexa Panama Hat from UO will do the trick. It’s such a pretty color that I can actually see myself wearing this hat all year round. Dontcha think?

So what’s on your “treat yoself” list? Maybe it includes food, which I’m a huge fan of. Or maybe even a vacation or spa day. Let me know below!

— abbey kay


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