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Turtleneck/ Forever 21 similar Coat/ Forever 21 similar Bag/ Forever 21 similar Jeans/ Old Navy Boots/ Old Navy similar

A very rare Sunday afternoon post for you guys today. I actually have today off from my second job & I had all these fun things scheduled & planned out to do today. And ya wanna know what I’ve actually been doing? Absolutely nothing. I woke up late. Ate breakfast at 12 o’clock. Have watched 3 back-to-back NCIS episodes. And am currently eating apple chips on my couch in my pajamas. Oh, & I wore a chocolate pudding-like face mask too that made my skin super soft.

Today I am not the girl in these photos. I’m the girl who is trying not to cringe at the idea of truly resting & doing nothing. I’m trying to come to terms that I am no good at keeping plans. That I may wake up (late) & not feel like doing what I thought I was going to do that day. That things may change & that’s just life. I’m someone who likes to be in control of events & their outcomes & I don’t handle things well when I can’t control the result. I’m not a control freak I swear! I just like to know what’s coming & I’m no good at switching things up on a moments notice.

So though I’m not a fan of “New Year’s Resolutions” because I’m really good at failing lists, I am an advocate of personal growth. So this year I hope to be better at letting the flow of things happen. I hope to try something I wouldn’t normally let myself do, like stay in my pj’s past 3 in the afternoon! And to maybe not focus so much on the thoughts in my own head, but to seek what’s in someone else’s mind for a change.

Now who else is lounging on the couch today? Let me know I’m not the only one!

— abbey kay


One response to “stripes & turtlenecks”

  1. nergizd Avatar

    haha i am also lounging! it feels great though, not gonna feel guilty about it 🙂 i love your makeup!

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