top 10 looks of 2014

It’s here! The very last day of 2014. This blog has transformed so much in the past year & I loved every minute of it. My style (& body) has evolved as well in the past 365 days & I can’t wait to see how that change will continue to progress into the new year. But before we say goodbye to the past year, I thought it would be fun to share with you all my top 10 favorite looks of 2014. So here we go, countdown “style”!

Look #10 – two piece j-suit


Look #9 – too good not to


Look #8 – cry wolf


Look #7 – outfit of the year


Look #6 – sagebrush queen


Look #5 – overalls for all


Look #4 – the rustic girl: an outfit & a poem


Look #3 – grecian goddess


Look #2 – the jumpsuit


Look #1 – i donut know about you, but i’m feelin 22


Well there ya have it! My top 10 favorite looks of 2014 that I posted on abbey kay. There are a few on my Instagram (@fash_byabb) that never made it on here that I absolutely love. But I wanted to give you links to check out the full look, so be sure to click those blue lines guys! I feel that these looks pretty much some up the way I dressed this past year. It went from harem pants all the time, to crop tops, floral crowns, & kimonos, & then it somehow ended up with jeans & basic tops being a staple. You may also have noticed that I didn’t choose a single outfit from before I lost a chunk of weight doing the Whole 30, which you can read about here. Well honestly that’s because when I looked back at them they didn’t feel like me anymore. It felt like I was looking at a different person & I didn’t want to re-display who I was at the beginning of the year. Instead I sorta chose to focus on who I became this year. I went from a wearing only leggings & cotton tees because that’s all that seemed to fit anymore girl, into a girl who wore confidence & someone who actually liked their body for once in their life. Wow, I guess I’m getting deep here. But it’s true. This year was a big one for me filled with lots of changes physically, emotionally, & just with life in general. But cheers to the New Year & all that it will bring & possibly take away.

Hope you enjoyed looking back at these looks as much as I did! Share below which one was your favorite because I’d love to know! Oh & this part is for you 2015, I’m ready for ya & all you have to offer!

— abbey kay


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