mustard on my sweater












Sweater/ H&M similar Skinnies/ Forever 21 similar Striped Tank/ Forever 21 Clutch/ Forever 21 Booties/ Old Navy similar

Here it is, the last outfit for 2014! I gotta say this year has been a great one, style wise & personally too. I’ve grown & changed so much this year & in so many different ways. It always crazy to think about who you were a year ago from any moment & what events lead you to getting there. This last outfit isn’t to glamorous, but it’s also far from being plain. And I think it sums up my year quite perfectly.

It seems fitting though that I end the year showing you guys one of my most favorite sweaters ever. I’ve had this thing for three years now & that’s a lot of memories to let one sweater hold. Clothes may just seem like clothes to any other person, but to me they truly are a memory what took place the day(s) that I wear them. I can recall so many moments that were life changing to me while wearing this sweater. Some good, & some definitely kinda bad. Some make me laugh, others make me cringe. Either way, I love being able to look back with the pieces of clothing I own & reminisce on my life. It’s a sort of treasure to me & I hope that this sweater stays one of them for a very long time.

— abbey kay


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