the rustic girl: an outfit & a poem














Sweater/ Forever 21 Crop Turtle Tank/ Forever 21 Hat/ Forever 21 similar Booties/ Forever 21 Bag/ Forever 21 similar Necklace/ Swallow’s Heart Pants/ Target Jacket/ Old Navy similar

I took these pics a few weeks back & am currently cringing at the fact that I am just showing them to you all now. The outfit & turnout was too good to keep from you guys for so long. But there here & all’ wen revealed & you are white welcome my dear followers. Indulge in this perfect look that is known as, the rustic girl.

She’s someone I aspire to be; adventurous, courageous, all daring, all the time. She’s someone I am not. That girl that looks so cool with no effort at all. That girl who takes a picture of the forest with some artsy quote & no one makes fun of her view. The girl who poses & seems timeless. The girl who lets fun come naturally to her. Someone who dares to try new things. Someone who doesn’t run in the opposite direction of conflict, but instead sticks around to see how everything will turn out. She’s the dreamer & believer. The seeker & doer. The lover & justice fighter. The laugher & not afraid of tears cryer. The one of beauty & of trust. She’s not me, she’s just someone I dress up like & pretend to see.

— abbey kay


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