i donut know about you, but i’m feelin 22


















Dress/ Plato’s Closet similar Boots/ Forever 21 Leggings/ Ross similar Necklace/ Swallow’s Heart

Today is my birthday & I donut know about you, but I’m feeling 22. I’ve waited so long to be able to actually use that T-Swift lyric & I’m totally gonna use it all year long. But so much happened during my 21st year of life that I want to be sure to remember. So before I bid farewell to the younger age, here’s a list of 22 things that I donut want myself to forget.

Donut Forget These Things…
1. You tried new things. And new things tried you. It’s okay though because you survived.

2. You lost weight. Did you hear that? You stuck to a plan & succeeded & you can do it again if need be.

3. Change happened & it was hard. But it was good for you, so keep going with it.

4. You started a new job & you’re great at it. And you even got employee of the month just a few months in. Good job!

5. You saw your favorite band for the 5th time. Guess what? They’re still awesome.

6. You wear jeans now. I don’t know why. But you do.

7. You made new friends. Haha apparently you’re brave now.

8. You tried your first few sips of alcohol & you hate it. It’s gross. Milkshakes are better.

9. Your donut obsession has grown. Donut worry about it.

10. Your mug collection has grown too. Dad worries about it.

11. Your blog has evolved a bunch this year. And it keeps doing so. That’s cool.

12. You can rap almost every Macklemore song there is. Bravo. It always was your dream to bust a rhyme.

13. You love being a nanny. Like, love it.

14. You started wearing heeled boots. Right? Who are you.

15. People say your brows are point & fierce. They are.

16. You still wear black. Like all black. All. Black. All the time. It’s fine, you’re not goth.

17. You get featured on blogs. That’s kinda cool. Keep up the hard work, it pays off.

18. Your heart got yourself into trouble. Stop doing that. Like now. Just stop.

19. You thrifted an entire room of decorations. Go you, you vintage queen.

20. God answered your prayers. Every one of them. Because He is a good God who always has your back. Quit forgetting that please.

21. You had a donut themed birthday party. It was awesome.

22. Your 22nd birthday was your best one yet. Let’s hope they just keep getting better from here on out.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everybody! Here’s to a year long adventure of feelin 22 & seeing what it brings me! Cheers!

— abbey kay


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