polka dots & jeans












Shirt/ Forever 21 similar Jeans/ Old Navy Booties/ Old Navy Jacket/ Kohl’s Necklace/ Forever 21 similar Bag/ Forever 21

There used to be two things that I was known for awhile back: always wearing polka dots & never wearing jeans. In this outfit I’m wearing both! Who have I become?!? First things first, polka dots were my jam a few years ago when I was in my pin-up girl, cat eye sunglasses, & straight bangs phase. I know, but I rocked it. I seriously wore this look 3-4 times a week & almost always for sure on Sundays. It was who I was & was forever going to be. But back then I also never wore jeans. Like ever. Never. You couldn’t find me in em. The only time you would, would be on laundry day when I literally had no other pants to wear. I just felt that they were too plain & basic & I preferred leggings or dresses over them.

Now, I wear jeans like 2-3 times a week & rarely ever wear polka dots! Like, how did I let those trends flip-flop? I have no idea, but I somehow did. So it was a real treat for me to wear both pieces together. It felt sophisticated, retro, & chic. Taking a part of my styling past & mixing it in with my present self was refreshing. I learned to style up jeans in a way so that they don’t seem so everyday. And I’m happy to say that I made polka dots into a modern out together look. The best of both worlds that I may have to bring together a bit more often because I loved wearing this combo!

— abbey kay


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