top knot good(ie)s










Tee/ Top Knot Goods Sweater/ Forever 21 similar Hat/ The Nest Reno similar Leggings/ Target Booties/ Kohl’s Fringe Bag/ Ross similar

I won this tee in a recent giveaway I entered on Instagram & instantly fell in love. I’m a sucker for graphic tees that are cute, artsy, & have a little bit of attitude. I feel like this one screams “I’m a girl, & I know you might want me. But you can’t touch this & you can’t have it!” haha because ya know, that’s always what a wink indicates, right? Right. So this tee is all BA & I’m totally fine with that.

I feel like sometimes people think to dress stylish you have to dress up & out of your comfort zone. But that is simply not true. You can wear sweats out of the house, & I often do (thank you new fashionable joggers!) or even a simple tee & still look presentable doing it. All you have to do it make sure the tee represents your attitude in some sort of way, I prefer ironic or witty sayings, & then add something to the look that ties it all together. It could be something as simple as a pair of chucks, an oversized tote, or even a hat. I feel like accessories can either make or break an outfit. Sometimes one is necessary, sometimes none does the trick. In this case I used three separate pieces to sell the look. A pop of color with my cardigan, a little bit of movement & texture with the fringe bag, & a little bit of me with the wool hat. Each piece by itself would have made the outfit better, but all three combined really make this outfit come together in perfect harmony. Dontcha think?

— abbey kay

ps I love the brand Top Knot Goods. They sell the cutest tees, clothes, & accessories so be sure to check them out! They’re a real treat.


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