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Dress/ H&M (similar ) Hat/ PYLO (similar) Tights/ Kohl’s Booties/ Forever 21 (similar ) Clutch/ Forever 21 Necklace/ Swallow’s Heart (similar) Denim Shirt/ Joppa (similar)

Do you ever get stuck in your own thoughts? About life & beauty & what truly even matters. Yeah, me too & it’s sometimes just the worst. We compare & compete in our heads & there’s really no stopping it. Because believe me, we would if we could. But we can’t & it feels like a sickness. Which makes me sick! Why do we (girls) do that to ourselves? Why do we think we have to be better than the last & strive to be better than the next. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m completely guilty of these thoughts. I constantly compare myself to others girls thinking that I’m not good enough to be like so & so, or, even worse, I have the thoughts that I am better than them. Why? WHY! Why is it like this?

I have no idea, but I’m praying for a cure. For a mindset to be happy for others when good things happen to them & to be gracious towards myself & who I was created to be. We weren’t meant to be like everybody else. I mean, seriously, how boring of a world would that be to live in? Just robot Barbie’s walking around all sounding the same, looking the same. No thanks. I’d rather be me even if that means second guessing myself constantly. I’d rather be the girl who takes a million & one pictures with her eyes closed before she gets one with them open. The girl who without a doubt will put her foot in her mouth at least once during a conversation, to only have to swallow her pride right after & apologize. I’d rather be the girl who hardly smiles, but when she does it appears in all it’s straight teeth, big cheeked, & crooked glory. I’d rather be me & praise you for being you than wish for some freaky Friday that can never be. I guess it’s just a girl thing to compare, but I’m dreaming that soon it’s a thing of the past. Be beautifully you.

— abbey kay


One response to “it’s a girl thing”

  1. Arielle Tan Avatar

    I love your dress! It fits you so nicely ❤

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