time’s change








Sweater/ Forever 21 Leggings/ Burlington Coat Factory similar Blouse/ Forever 21 Booties/ Kohlms similar

It’s amazing to me just how much things can change in just one year. Everything from your appearance to your style (hair & clothes) to where you’re at in life, your job, your attitude, & even your whole outlook on life. Three hundred & sixty-five days holds so much change that we can’t see daily, but shows so over time. A year ago I was in a different place doing different things & letting different types of things affect me. And I love that I have loads of pictures from daily life that I can compare to for just that instance. When I look back on the outfit pictures I have taken, I can honestly remember what day it was & what I did in that outfit. It’s cool to have the documentation of daily change that I didn’t notice at the time, but can clearly see now. It’s almost like a daily life journal through photos. Each outfit really speaks about who I was that day, even if just for a day. I’m so glad that I’ll have these pictures for years to come because they capture who I am right now & the essence of what I currently love. It’s just so neat to me.

— abbey kay

I bought these leggings exactly a year ago & they for me so different & loosely now. A pretty sweet deal that sometimes time can produce!





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