some rad plaid









Dress, Sweater, Booties/ Forever 21 Jacket/ Kohl’s

Plaid is a must have for any closet & it’s best in the classic flannel shirt firm but if you can find the right piece that gives it a twist without being too over the top, then I say go for that rad plaid. This maxi dress is probably one of my most favorites that I own. But since the skirt does have such a bold pattern, I have to be creative on how I choose to wear it. It doesn’t need much added to it because it’s honestly perfect on it’s own. This time I wore it on a colder day & had to think of some genius way to add long sleeves. Cardigans are always a safe bet, but I get tired of those quickly. So I through on s light sweater over it, tied it in a knot at my waist & BAM! In one simple step I added sleeves & still kept the feminine silhouette that I love most about this dress. Then I through on s pair of leather booties, grabbed my new quilted leather jacket & was ready to head out the door.

Literally. I snapped these pics in my driveway in like 30 seconds tops while I was rushing to get to church on time. The lighting wasn’t the best, so I gave this shoot a filtered fall look. Enjoy!

—abbey kay


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