overalls for all









Sweater/ Forever 21 Overalls/ Forever 21 Boots/ Forever 21 (similar) Necklace/ Swallow’s Heart

Have you ever worn an outfit & wished you had documented it because it was just that good? Well this is one of those looks & I’m so glad I got some pics of it after I wore it to work one day! I had bought these overalls early in the summer & had been dying to wear them for a something special. Cause let’s be real, overalls ain’t your everyday wear & should be saved for an adventure day. But I ended up working every weekend all summer & I just gave up on that dream. So I threw this edgey farmer girl look together for a day workin at Forever 21. And you can bet a bale of hay that I turned heads in this get-up. Everyone at work loved it & it felt so like me even if it may have seemed out of place.

I came home & just before the sun dipped behind the mountains I grabbed my dad & we scurried around the neighborhood to find a spot to take these pics. It looks like we were literally out in the hills or near a farm, but we were just near/on a private road right around the corner from my house. The background was perfect to capture the vibe of this look. Some days you wear an awesome outfit & are too tired to take a picture, but I’m so glad that I got these. It might sound silly because I have a ton of outfit pictures, but these ones just seem different to me for some reason. It’s a memory & a story told by a simple outfit. I love it.

—abbey kay


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