apple hill adventure









Dress/ Ross Clothing Store (similar) Tights/ Kohl’s Sunnies/Free People Boots/ Old Navy Bag/ Forever 21 (similar)

Last week I went on a day-cation to Apple Hill in California. It’s a small area in the northern part of the state where there are apple orchards & pumpkin patches that are open up to the public to come & harvest & or purchase produce. There are farm animals & hay rides, baked treats, crafts, & tons of California sunshine. I had never been before even though I grew up just a few hours away from the place. My parents hadn’t been in over 30 years either, so we all ditched town for the day & had an adventure. All in all, it was a great time. We got lost, ate way too many sugary treats, argued as every family does, bought pumpkins & apples & drank the best apple cider around. I’d recommend visiting this place, especially if you have little ones, if you’re ever in the area.

My favorite part though? My outfit of course. I dressed in a patterned boho dress with some tights & ankle boots. I was so excited to wear this look that I even went out & bought a fresh new pair of tights the night before just to be sure there would be no runs or holes ruining my day. Aren’t new tights just the best? They are. They just are. And these boots are my new obsession. Surprise they’re not black which is my definite go-to shoe color, but these work & I love them! I feel like this combo is the best for any fall adventure. It’s cute, but simple & comfortable. In a dream world I’d wear this outfit & just wander into adventure daily. But dreams are not always reality. So I’ll just reminice of this day & well dream.

— abbey kay


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