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Who’s been paying attention to New York Fashion week? Not this girl. That’s probably the worst thing an acclaimed fashion blogger can say, but it’s true. I’m just not into the “higher end” name brands of fashion. I mean, they’re fun to look at & drool over, but they’re completely unreasonable for the average American woman. Because honestly who can afford a $600 skirt or a $2,000 bag? No one. Not unless you live a life of leisure & luxury & the majority of us do not. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice being trendy & fashionable just because you don’t work at Barney’s & get the employee discount. I’m here to tell you that dressing your arms & legs doesn’t have to cost you one or two of them.

I snagged this outfit for less than 20 bucks (+ tax) & it incorporates some of this past seasons biggest trends. I ordered the black crop tank online from Topshop, which is a British company. They have beautiful pieces, anything from dresses, skirts, & shoes, but they average around 140 dollars a pop. Way out of my budget range. But they have awesome buy-one-get-one deals on their basics which is how I scooped this tee up & several more in other colors at just $4.95. Can’t beat that for a black tank that goes with anything!

The pants are from no other place than the local Ross store. Yep, I shop there because they have the latest trends at the cheapest prices which allows you try out new things & save money doing it. Parachute pants were ideal this summer & I can’t tell you how many I managed to get from Ross & other stores like it. These ones were $12 dollars & the pattern was just too good to pass up on. Thank you Ross!

The shoes, well you won’t believe how cheap I got these things for. Any guesses? You’ll probably he wrong. I got these brand spankin new black leather flats from Old Navy for exactly $2. Yes, two stinkin dollars. They were on clearance, clearly & originally 22 dollars so I got them for over 90% off. Such a deal! And they’re actually extremely comfortable too!

Who would have thought that I literally paid less than the amount of an Andrew Jackson for this outfit? It looks like it came from 5th Avenue, but it’s actually from your neighborhood stores just around the corner. Don’t let price tags of the things you want control your life. If you want a trend that bad, search for it until you find one that fits inside your budget. Fashion shouldn’t make you feel strapped for cash, instead it should make you feel like a million bucks without having to spend it.

— abbey kay


An Andrew Jackson is a 20 dollar bill guys… Yep. Now you know.


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