style yourself

Most girls you can take a look at & say they have a style. They dress a certain way & it just summarizes exactly who they are. They fit a fashion mold & they never wander far from it. Well, that girl is not me. I don’t have a set style. There isn’t a specific look that you can always be certain to see me in. And I like it that way.

Every morning (sometimes afternoon) I just stand in front of my door free closet & dream up a look. I pull pieces, throw them on, tie em this way, turn em that way, & create who I want to be for the day. It’s always different, but it always feels me. Some days it’s crop tops & harem pants. Other days it’s stripes & a dress. I wear overalls & rompers & bowler hats. I fly from one side of the fashion spectrum all the way to the other. There’s no rule I follow. I just dress for me. I try new things. I try new trends. I try pieces in new ways. And somehow it always comes together in a way that express who I am. I sometimes look hipster, gangster, valley, or chic. But whoever I look like for the day, I know I’m still me & that’s the best style I can be.










shirt/ hello apparel denim vest/DIY shirt from Ross flats/Old Navy hat/h&m skinnies/ burlington coat factory necklace/ swallow’s heart jewelry

Remember, you don’t have to stick to one certain style. The best thing about fashion is that you can branch out & try new things! Go for it & try something new! Be whoever you want to be. You’re still you, clothes only change your appearance, not who you really are. So style yourself!

—abbey kay


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