fall into it

It’s September 2nd & I simply cannot believe it! Summer is officially over & cooler days & everything pumpkin & cozy are approaching rapidly now. We’re transitioning into my absolute favorite season. I love all of the fun puns & metaphors you can let fall from the season because let’s be real, who doesn’t love that. And if you don’t, then you can just leaf. Right? Exactly. But really, I just love all the changing colors & baking everything in sight & the feeling of adventure that strikes warm in your bones as the world grows cold & chill. I feel like the summer to autumn season change is the most drastic of them all. This season always makes me want to try & experience new things & find the traditions that I one day want to carry on with my future family. It also leads into my birthday month & the end of the year. Autumn always strikes nerve that a new year is surely & quickly approaching. It jolts me awake & reminds me that the year isn’t over yet & that there’s still time for goal setting & ending the year with a bang.

So that being said, I made a list of things I want to do to challenge myself before winter freezes over & turns me into a hibernating antisocial bear. Here’s my list of things I’m choosing to fall into this season…

1. Wear more hats with casual outfits. Whether or not I document it, I just wanna wear more hats.

2. Learn to be more care-free. In life, my beauty routine, my habits, etc.

3. Bake something with peaches, not pumpkin & preferably make it a homemade pie. I’m obsessed with pumpkin & forget my love for the peachy peach. So make a peach pie.

4. Go on a solo adventure with the sole purpose of taking pictures solely of the changing leaves. I’m sure it will be good for the soul.

5. Try out a new local coffee shop. I’m a sucker for routine & familiarity & being comfortable. But maybe my future bf is a barista at that place down the road… So, I should go there now!

6. Do not do something random or nice for a random person. But instead, do something for someone you love that has purpose & thought & reason behind it.

7. Do the random person thing too.

8. Find a book. Read the book. Finish reading found book. I repeat, FINISH READING B-O-O-K.

So I’m writing these 8 things down on a piece of paper & taping them to my mirror. I really want to do these things & crossing off successes seem to be my biggest motivator. You guys can keep me accountable too! They’re not too unrealistic like go on a vacation or go skydiving, because ain’t nobody got to fo dat! But they’re little “in between life” goals that I’m sure I can finish over the next few months. Who else is gonna create a list & fall into it?

Oh yeah, here’s yesterday’s outfit to start the whole new season thing. I’m really into basics lately which I am loving. So much tradition behind the classics that I just can’t get over. You can never go wrong with some skinnies & a white tee!









White Sweater Tee; Forever 21 Corduroy Skinnies; Forever 21 Flats; Old Navy Clutch; Ross Necklace; Swallow’s Heart

Snapped these pics last night in downtown Sparks before seeing a move with my parents. Go see If I Stay, that way you can wish you were a teenager in love again!

—abbey kay


3 responses to “fall into it”

  1. shannonwaisath Avatar

    You should read “Gone Girl” it’s long, but sooo good. You’ll definitely be able to finish that since it’s so suspenseful!


    1. abbey kay Avatar

      Thanks! I’ll have to check it out!

  2. awflowers Avatar

    Can you change number 4 to allow it to be a duo adventure. Pleaseeeeee?!

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