red, white, & two

This past weekend as a country we simultaneously celebrated the birth of our country. It means so many different things to so many different people. To some, it means BBQ’s, pool parties, parades, hot dogs, beer, fireworks, & actual birthdays. Sadly for others, it means remembering a loved one you’ve lost & who isn’t here to celebrate with you anymore. To most, it means it’s time to dress in red, white, & blue & to break out the American flag patterned anything no matter your true feelings towards the day. To me, it has so many meanings & emotions wrapped into the one day, that I don’t even think explosions in the sky could correctly express all that it entails. To me, it’s my mom’s brother’s birthday who died as a kid meaning I have an uncle I’ll never meet. It’s the one day where we got to see & celebrate with our family’s best friends from across the country every single year. It’s the day where we always, always, wore Old Navy Flag shirts growing up & took a huge group picture to commemorate it. It’s the day that’s 3 days before my moms birthday. It’s the day that is meant to be celebrated surrounded by your dearest (or most fun) loved ones, but it’s always the one when I seem to feel most alone. Holidays tend to do that to me. And it’s also the day that I started this fashion blog just two years ago.

July 4th, 2012, was when I began this fashion blogging journey. It was bow to toes then & it was mainly a run of “4 ways to wear” something posts. I would get out my canon camera, steal my dad’s tripod, build outfits from my closet, shoes & all, & run to my backyard to capture all the self-timing magic. I was 19. I had bangs. I wore a TON of polka dots & sleeveless button ups back then. I still had my signature cat-eye that I don’t believe is going to go away anytime soon. I was still working at my first job that I had since high school. I had only my 3 high school friends, & I was working on interning with a local stylist. I was hung up on a boy, who’s actually getting married next week, lol. I was a kid knowing she had a greater passion in this world & wanted to share it, but didn’t know where to go with it. So I ran with it, as fast as I could, however I could. I blogged and styled & honestly had no idea what I was doing.

Two years later, & I still have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve changed so much. I’m 21. I’m wearing polka dots today, though I don’t wear them as often as I used too. I’m into all black & white looks. I gained & lost weight. My heart got broken & healed. I’ve grown, but probably haven’t really grown up much. My blog has gotten a new look & name & I’m currently working on re-vamping it again. I had my first styling client. I’ve done giveaways, had companies send me free product, been featured on multiple blogs, & IG feeds. I’ve connected with little shop owners from all across the country from Florida to Alaska, down to Northern California & over to Texas. I got a job at one of my favorite clothing stores. I’ve traveled & experienced & stepped far out of my comfort zone. I’ve succeeded & I have failed. I’ve inspired & let people down, including myself. I’ve opened up & still been closed off. I’ve boughten shoes, lots of shoes & clothes of course. But sold some too. I’ve become a thing to “pin” on Pinterest & apparently have people who like me up in Canada. I’ve been recognized by people out in public & probably ridiculed too. I’ve been supported & torn down.

I’m not who I was two years ago & I don’t wanna be who I am now in two years either. Two years of blogging my life & fashion. I’ve learned so much & I want to learn so much more. I cannot believe where just two years has taken me. It’s only because of God that I’ve been given the privilege & gift of style & the open platform to share it. It’s by His grace alone that my desire for this continues to grow, though it has slowed down a bit lately. It’s up to Him where it takes me & for how long I’ll keep doing this. But as long as His will allows me to share about beauty, grace, self-love, & style with you all, then I’ll continue to do it. I could never thank you any of you enough for sticking through this with me & continually giving me your support. Two years later & I’m still here because of all of you. So thank you & here’s to (hopefully) many more years of blogging my second love with you all.











Daisy Kimono; F21 Dress; Pac Sun Gladiators; Payless Shoes Crossbody; Ross

Here’s my 4th of July red, white, & blue look from the other day! Thank you all who participated in voting for what I was gonna wear through my Instagram, (@fash_byabb). It was tons of fun!

— abbey kay


3 responses to “red, white, & two”

  1. Chelsea Hejny (@chelseahejny) Avatar

    Hey Abbey, I loved reading this post. A couple weeks ago, on my search to discover some Reno-based fashion bloggers, I found you on Instagram. I follow so many LA and New York-based fashion bloggers; it’s so awesome to now follow someone who is local and also has a documented passion for fashion and beauty. Congrats on two years of blogging (that’s huge!) All the best, Chelsea

    1. abbey kay Avatar

      You’re so sweet! This totally made my day! Thank you so much! So glad you’re following!

  2. freshfoodfashion Avatar


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