rules of the romp

I constantly get compliments on my ability to wear a romper & how I wear it well. So many girls I know always think that I pull them off so well & that they could never dream of doing so. Really ladies? Don’t act like my body is the model body for rompers. I’ve seen plenty of you rock the look! But, I’ve decided to compile a list to help y’all out on finding the best romper out there. Because it does it exist & it will look good on you. I promise!

Rules of the Romp

Rule 1 – Get a romper with pockets. Why? Because pockets are awesome & so are rompers. So wearing a romper with pockets is a necessity to factor in all the coolness possible. Trust me, if you walk into a room with one, a romper on, & two, you have your hands in your said romper pockets, well there is just no messing with you. Trust me. Try it. It works.

Rule 2 – Always buy oversized. I’m not kidding. Rompers aren’t meant to fit like tight little skimpy dresses. They’re meant to be fun & flirty, not short & dirty. Think that way & you’ll get the best ones out there.

Rule 3 – Patterns. Such loud patterns. I mean, I have a few rompers that are solid colors & they’re okay. But my faves are definitely the ones that are floral with bold colors. If you’re gonna make a statement, why not go all the way with it.

Rule 4 – It’s okay to fail. Seriously. A lot of you may be discouraged in the fact that you haven’t found the perfect one yet. Do you know how many I had to try on before I found one that looked good on me? Tons & tons. But I never gave up & eventually found a few that worked for my body. If you really wanna try this look, then you gotta put in the effort towards finding the one.

Rule 5 – Don’t call rompers overalls. Okay, this isn’t a rule. It’s just a huge annoyance of mine. Overalls & rompers are two completely different things. So please, just don’t!









Romper; F21 Sunnies; Free People Flats; F21

And there you have it, the rules of the romp. Don’t take em lightly. Use them. Don’t abuse them. Okay, I’m out.

—abbey kay


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