blue button up

Lately when I go shopping I’ve actually been putting stuff back. I used to be an extremely bad impulse buyer. Shocker, I know. But lately I’ve decided that I really want to focus more on building a wardrobe & a style so my purchases have been more precise. I was at H&M a few weeks back & saw this blue dotted button up shirt that I loved. It liked good on me & I knew I could wear it with a few looks, but I chose to put it back because it wasn’t too priority that day. I went back a week or two later with my mom & sister-in-law & it was still there! I hardly ever go back for something, but my want-list was light that day so I decided to make it mine. I’m so glad I did! Clearly this blue is a great color on me. I wore it on Sunday with a pair of shorts that I bought from H&M actually. I call them my fashion soccer shorts because they totally feel like soccer shorts material, but they’re cut in a flattering way. Anyway, I paired them together to make this classic summer look. A button up shirt will forever look good tucked into whatever bottoms you choose to wear.









Top; H&M Shorts; H&M Flats; Burlington Coat Factory

I also bought a pair of these shorts in a blue patterned color & I cannot wait to style them too!

—abbey kay


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