color me harem

The in thing to do among fashion bloggers these days is to thrift key pieces into your wardrobe. But that just have never really been my thing! I have no luck finding clothes that way & it honestly sort of freaks me out a bit too. I just don’t like the concept of someone else wearing something before me, even though I totally support the idea. I will however go to the nationwide spot known as Plato’s Closet to search for a few things every now & then. They take gently used currently trending clothes & buy them from the general public to create their inventory. So when I go in there I know I’ll find something worth while most of the time. Last time I walked out with a dress from H&M I had been eyeing for less than half of it’s original price, a striped tank dress for just $4, & these amazing colored harem pants originally from Forever 21 for almost nothing. This was definitely my best trip of finds at Plato’s & I was so excited to make these pieces mine! I mean, it’s not technically “thrifting” but it’s the closest thing to owning second hand clothing I have ever come to. Either way, I’m so glad I scored these pants for my first shift working as a Forever 21 employee! Oh, did I forget to mention that? Yep, I work part time at Forever 21 right now & I absolutely love it!










Harem Pants; Plato’s Closet Reno Tank; F21 Flats; Burlington Coat Factory

Apparently I am a people person, or at least am able to be one while at work! Yay for stepping out of comfort zones & trying new things!

—abbey kay


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  1. freshfoodfashion Avatar

    Love those pants! Great print

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