hashtag queen

There’s a hashtag that is used & made known by fashion bloggers alone. It’s what sums up our entire purpose. It’s witty. It’s bold. It’s what we live for. It’s the #ootd or the outfit of the day. Our daily grind. Our daily thing. An outfit every day, for the day. It makes sense. It’s what consumes us. It’s what we love for. We create an outfit, a form of art, every single day. And it’s only meant to live for that day. One day only. It’s the outfit of the day.









Muscle Tee; F21 Joggers; H&M Flats; Burlington Coat Factory Clutch; Ross

I played around with a little bit of filters for this sets of photos. The lighting was bad (again!!!) so I had some fun with it.

—abbey kay


One response to “hashtag queen”

  1. WAiSTEDD Avatar

    Absolutely love the joggers!!

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