denim thursday

Yesterday was Thursday. I wore denim. Simple as that… It really was that simple. A cotton dress from Forever 21 paired with a denim vest & a pair of pink ankle flats with some round sunnies. It was a look that expressed cool girl & it was so simple to make. You just need to start with a basic piece like the dress & build things around it to create a look. The denim vest added some edge. The pink flats added a pop of color. And the sunglasses added a bit of flare. Don’t be afraid to accessorize, because each piece makes up an outfit & each item matters.









Dress; F21 Vest; F21 Flats; Ross Sunnies; F21

My dad is such a gem & came over to the house I was babysitting at to get these shots. He’s a real trooper & I love him.

—abbey kay


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