fashion diy

Have you ever put something on from your closet & it just wasn’t exactly what you wanted, but oh so close? Happens to me all the time. I don’t sew, nor does anyone have the time to when running out the door. And I don’t have the kind of mind that can just forget about a perfect outfit once I picture it in my mind. So, what’s a girl in an outfit bind to do? Make adjustments instantly as needed of course by the means of a single, minuscule safety pin! Yesterday I wanted to wear my black crop top tee & my black cotton trousers. Well the problem with that is, my shirt is too short & my pants are too loose creating too big of a midriff gap. So in a moment of rush & pure genius, I took that mini gold safety pin & attached my top to my pants therefore creating a jumpsuit with side cut outs look. Whhaaatttt. I know right. Who would have ever thought to do something like that? My brain. It does stuff like that all the time. Fashion at it’s doing it yourself finest.








Top; Ross Pants; Ross Flats; Ross Clutch; Ross

Oh yeah, & I got this whole look at Ross too! What a score.

—abbey kay


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