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I’m a firm believer in online shopping. Most girls freak out about the thought of ordering something they have never seen in person before. And I totally get that! It can be scary sending your money off to someone or some company in hopes of receiving a piece that is somewhat close to what the pictures display it as. Sometimes it’s a total fail & it doesn’t fit. Sometimes you wanna scream, but you can’t because the blouse you just got is actually a loud fuchsia & not a soft pink like you were hoping for. Sometimes there’s a grand surprise of some detail that you completely missed while scrolling through the tiny model in the pictures. And then, sometimes it fits, it’s the perfect color, the details you missed are your favorite part & it exceeds the expectations you didn’t even realize you had for the piece.

I ordered this basic black & white cropped blouse tank from Forever 21 a few weeks ago because they we’re have a free shipping with $21 purchase deal. Well, I had my eye on this wolf tee that was on sale for $7 bucks online so I had to find something, anything, that would bump me up to the amount so I could get some free shippage. So I found this top & knew I couldn’t go wrong with my beloved black & white. So I ordered the two pieces & patiently awaited their arrival. When I got them, I had completely missed an unwanted detailing on the wolf tee & has surprisingly loved everything I didn’t know about the blouse tank. The tee had these little built I metal silver loop rings which I hated, but decided aren’t too bad now. And the tank completely splits open on the sides & in the back which I completely fell in L O V E with. It’s funny how online shopping can do that for you. I call this online order a very random win!

Here’s some tips for those of you who still aren’t convinced about the plunge into the cyber shopping world…

Tip 1: Shop from stores you already know! I mean, if you already know how clothes from somewhere fit you, then it’s easier to know what size to order. No guessing, just perfection!

Tip 2: If you are wanting to order from a new place that you don’t have locally, then order something extremely bad I from them. Like a cropped cotton tank or a simple tee. That way you can see right away how their clothes run/fit you.

Tip 3: Check out what the dang thing is made of! If it’s a dress made of rayon, then you know it’s gonna shrink & you probably don’t wanna risk the inch or two without first knowing exactly how it hangs on your body & not the twig sized model.

Tip 4: know how things fit your body! If you have larger arms or a larger chest & you know that shirts sometimes won’t button up or if you need a little give in the material, then stick to cotton or polyester pieces. That way you know even if it runs a small you’ll still had room to stretch it.

Tip 5: And finally, read the reviews! This totally helps! Girls leave such good input on what they thought of the piece. Whether the color was different, whether it was more sheer than pictured, whether it fit smaller in the chest area. They leave prime opinions, so read up!









Top; F21 Leggings; Target Flats; Burlington Coat Factory

Not the best quality pictures again…. I’ve just been so off my game lately! I apologize!

—abbey kay


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