skinnies & a crop

I deem this summer, the summer of skinnies & a great crop top tee. I could seriously wear this look a thousand different ways & still be satisfied with the outcome. I’ve never loved jeans, but I’m starting to really enjoy throwing them into the mix every now & then for something different. And I must say, they’re starting to grow on me! Especially these corduroy ones that are actually slimming skinny jeans. Half the time the “skinny” ain’t so skinny, but more of skin tight or fit just right until they loosen & start falling down. I know you all know what I’m talking about. But these ones stay up, skinny, & right where they’re supposed to be. Score! And we all know crop too tees are a definite more than once appearance in my weekly looks. They’re just so flattering (if you wear them right!) that I swoon hard over em every single time! So be prepared to see this look a lot this summer for the days where I just want to dress effortlessly cool. Because it’s working for me, so I gotta work it!











Top; F21 Skinnies; F21 Flats; Ross Crossbody; Ross

Apparently it’s the week of greenery background for me as well… Not sure why, but I fell in love with the backdrop this week! So different & so fresh. Definitely more of this in the future.

—abbey kay


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