cry wolf

I’ve wanted a wolf tee for as long as I can remember. Which means basically like a few months. Because of course I obsess over trends for about that long before I indulge & find the most perfect one! But hey, that’s okay right. So I finally found one. A wolf tee. And he’s angry & I love it. He wants to chomp your head off. Which I love because that’s basically my inside thoughts everywhere I go. I’m not an outwardly rude or mean person, but it’s a constant struggle in my head where I act like a wolf wanting to devour weaker prey. I was just raised on the known fact of if it’s not gonna majorly affect & alter your tomorrow then get over it today. So I have no tolerance for the weaker. Which is so lame! Because I’m constantly weak. So I’m working on having compassion towards everyone in every sort of situation whether I understand it or not. So when they cry I don’t act wolf & want to bite their whiny head off. But instead love on them & be there.











Wolf Tee; F21 Pants; H&M Flats; F21

But forreals, is this not the most fierce outfit ever? Like, don’t mess with me cause I have a wolf on my tee & it wants to eat you. Just walk away…

—abbey kay


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