punk summer

I’ve always wanted to try out the cut off shorts, muscle crop top, hardstyle girl with leather booties look. It’s totally something that I feel is way off from who I actually am, but so close to someone I want to be. I just think the look is so cool looking. Like yeah, I know I’m badass & I’m not even trying. I go to festivals, I walk by downtown rivers in the summer, & I rub dirt in my hair because it makes it look better & I love care-free. Haha, too far, but hopefully you get what I mean. This look is tough. This look ultimately looks effortless. So I tried it out & it didn’t feel like me! The booties & shorts thing? I just feel like it’s too gruff for me for summer. I’m just not that tough… The pictures turned out awesome though! And that is super rad. But if I ever tried this look again I’d have to tone down the darkness just a bit. Which is quite ironic actually considering I wear black almost daily! I just felt like it was too costume played.











Muscle Tank; Plato’s Closet Reno Shorts; Walmart Booties; Sears Necklace; Swallow’s Heart Hat; PYLO

I really did love this outfit, it’s exactly what I was going for. Just didn’t exactly feel like I could rock it so well!

—abbey kay


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