two piece j-suit

A few weeks ago I ordered some basic tops online from Topshop. I absolutely adore the pieces they carry on their site, but simply can’t afford them. But when their basics went on sale I thought I’d give them a try. So I ordered a few wrap bandeaus, ribbed crop tanks, & loose cami’s. I got them last Friday & they were perfect! I was most excited to receive the bandeaus because one’s I’ve bought elsewhere are just too small & unflattering. When I tried these ones on they were like a summer dream come true! They covered everything up, from fop to bottom, & didn’t slip or move all day long. I wore the black one yesterday with a pair of H&M harem pants & it made me look super slim. I was so tempted to wear it just like that, with those two pieces alone, because it almost made it look like a two piece separate jumpsuit. But it was church day & I didn’t find strapless to be appropriate with the much skin showing. So I wore a denim vest over the look & I loved it just as much. Black flats from Urban Outfitters & a black & tan woven clutch from Ross made the look complete. It was such a simply pieced together outfit, but I really love how it turned out. So excited to have found a bandeau that fits & works for a girl shaped like me! I’m ready to now welcome in summer & it’s heat because I can finally dress the part.











Top; Topshop Pants; H&M Flats; Urban Outfitters Vest; F21 Clutch; Ross

I really love the colors of this outfit as well! Black with denim & a hint of tan leather will always have a place in my heart!

—abbey kay


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