red sun dress

When it’s a day filled with running errands it’s a day that calls for a simple sun dress. I snagged this little red sun dress down in Las Vegas when I was visiting my brother about a month ago. I found it at a last stop store called Ever. I’ve never seen this store anywhere else (but all over in Vegas) & it had the vibe of a Styles for Less or Rue 21. I just went in to see what the store was like, I’m weird but I just love checking out styles, fabrics, colors of clothes. It’s all so intriguing to me, I could literally spend all day in clothing stores just looking around. Anyway, I spotted this thing and just loved it. From the color to the shape & pattern, it was a perfect addition to my summer wardrobe. So I made everyone wait on me to purchase it & I’m so glad I did! It was perfect water day for lunch with my best friend Brittney & her baby Avery. She loves when I mention her on here…..HI BRINNEY!! Haha we we’re need best friends yesterday & took like a million car selfies! After that teenage behavior I had like a million stores to stop by & literally spent like 8 or 9 hours on my feet getting errands done. I’m weird & love driving around town “getting stuff done” buy when it takes you all day long it’s just dreadful. But being cute in a sun dress helps a bunch, so thanks Vegas for this sweet little thing. I adore it!









Sun Dress; Ever Flats; Burlington Coat Factory

Any locals recognize this sign? Probably won’t…. It’s such a random spot!

—abbey kay


2 responses to “red sun dress”

  1. Bankè Avatar

    Dress and colour suits you perfectly. You also have a nice blog hun, please check mine out if you’ve never done so and let me know what you think.
    Bankè xo

  2. layeredindulgence Avatar

    I love this dress! your blog is great I really like all your outfits, you should check mine out if you haven’t yet and let me know what you think 🙂

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