the floral romper

Yesterday I threw on his old floral romper that I’ve had for about 5 or 6 years now. I remember exactly when & where I bought it. It was in Georgia at Target one summer when I was about 16. I remember seeing it & wanting it so bad even though it was two sizes too big. I tried it on & fell even more in love with it. I didn’t care that the leg holes completely swallowed up my limbs, I had to have it!! So I bought it. And I haven’t found it in me to part with it ever since. It’s a favorite of mine every single summer. I’m not sure if it’s still exactly my style anymore but the memories that hold to it are too important for me to just let go. So it’s mine for now & maybe one day I’ll give it to my daughter when she turns 16 because that would be cool, & why not & floral print is timeless of course.









Romper; Target Flats; Burlington Coat Factory

Yes. I am still obsessed with these white flats. I told you I was wearing them forever & not taking them off. All. Summer. Long!

—abbey kay


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