marilyn monroe

Everybody always talks about the infamous “lbd” or little black dress. But no body ever wants to give love to the simply chic white dress which I believe deserves just as much praise. A white dress is a staple to any women’s summer wardrobe. A lot of women I know steer clear of if because of the colors sheerness. I totally feel you on this one, it can be difficult to make sure nothings showing that doesn’t need to be shown. But if you get the right material or you buy a slip (yes, a slip!) then you’re golden. The way white looks on tan skin tones is too good to pass up just because you’re afraid of being revealing. Figure out your wardrobe malfunction & rock the Marilyn Monroe look because you can’t go wrong with it. Even she knew the scandalousness behind the “lwd” & she was even made famous for it!










Dress; H&M Flats; Ross

I made my parents pull over on the side of the road to snap these pics in an old childhood neighborhood kay night. Always loved this abandoned ranch house!

—abbey kay


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