sagebrush queen

Sometimes the best outfits are the ones that come about simply by chance. They always tend to happen on the days where you have no idea what you’re gonna wear. So you just start trying on thing after thing hoping to get it just right. And then somehow, you finally do. You look in the mirror & are completely satisfied with what you have created. From head to toe, the outfit is complete & you have no idea how you pulled it off. But you did, & it’s awesome. Yesterday was that day for me. I tried on too many dresses, opted not to wear shorts, & couldn’t find a non-sleeveless top to save my life. Until, two thoughts collided into one & I made the boho look I was dreaming up all morning long. I took a simple black & white crop too & paired it with a grey sheer maxi skirt to create a look that was not finished until I threw on some white flats & a floral headband like a crown. It was too perfect! I felt like a hippie all day. My brother said the only thing I was missing was a random braid in my hair. Then I turned & showed him & he eye-rolled me. I live for his eye rolls! He doesn’t get my fashion life but he definitely loves to comment on it as his way of being involved. Anyway, this look screams summer to me & I am completely okay with that! Here’s to more relaxed looks like this that happen just by chance!











Top; H&M Skirt; F21 Flats; Burlington Coat Factory Headband; PYLO

My photographer, or “dad” as I like to call him, tried something new yesterday while snapping these pics. I really wanted some sagebrush in the background & thought the area we went to would be shaded. It wasn’t so we opted for a straight up natural bright light approach. Definitely different than what I normally do, but I’m so happy with the results!!

—abbey kay


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