river garden

Yep, it finally happened. I skipped a day of outfit posting. I was sick as a dog all day long yesterday. It was the saddest thing ever! I literally couldn’t move off the couch. Funny thing, I was still wearing a dress though… I’m just weird I guess. But I couldn’t muster up the energy to take an outfit picture. So I skipped it. That hasn’t happened ALL YEAR LONG. Which doesn’t seem like very long but that’s like 150 days without skipping an outfit beat. So that’s kinda a big deal… Especially to me! I vow to take an outfit picture every single day. One, because I love showing you guys. And personally it’s just cool to look back to literally each day & see how my style & myself have evolved & changed. It’s a weird & rad thing to do. Like, a picture of myself every single day. It’s kind of a nuts thing to do. And even though the world didn’t stop because I skipped a day, it’s a strange pattern to break. So today, you get Thursday’s outfit which I snapped besides some wild flowers by the river right after a fundraiser event for my uncle. Side note, my family is political, so I’m not allowed to be scandalous, if you know what I mean… Just kidding, but these pics were taken while a group of my cousins looked & pointed & waved & I couldn’t help but crack up & laugh! My family is the cutest when it comes to my fashion, they’re just so supportive! My uncle who’s a retired cop always talks about how he follows my outfit everyday on Facebook. He’s adorable. Anyway, here’s a relaxed t-shirt & skinny jean look with my new $8 Target shoes!







Top; H&M Skinnies; F21 Flats; Target Crossbody; H&M

These flowers were so pretty & random! Hoping to find more backgrounds like this!

—abbey kay





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