salt n peppa

I had a clever thing to say about this outfit. But the last 24 hours have hit me like a ton of unwelcome bricks smack dab in my face. And that’s just never fun to deal with. So I’ll just cut to the chase.

1. I clearly wear black & white all the time, which is clearly not going to stop.

2. Polka dots are slowly, but surely making a come back in my wardrobe.

3. This wind-hair action is ridiculous & so unplanned… But it made for some semi-cool shots.

4. I got these pants at Forever 21 & they’re 3 sizes too big, but I just couldn’t pass them up! Hopefully they shrink in the wash!

5. I never thought to call the black & white combo salt & pepper… And I’m not telling you where I snagged that idea from!

6. But once I heard it, I laughed & chuckled because it was too perfect. Especially with my latest rap obsession.

7. That’s all you get. Oh & clearly I’m feeling more confident because I’m joining the sleeveless trend!

8. Oh & I got that top at a fleamarket. And I loved it so much I bought it in black too. See #1.









Top; Fleamarket Pants; F21 Flats; Burlington Coat Factory

New things are brewing my way. Will share more detes soon!

—abbey kay


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