prison stripes

Black & white stripes are a repeat in my closet for sure. But it’s amazing how the same colors layered on top of each other can appear so different depending on the cut & fabric of a shirt. Yesterday I wore them on a sleeveless button up blouse & they made me look like I was wearing a penitentiary uniform. Not sure if it was the way the fabric hung off my body or what but I was definitely walking around in some prison stripes yesterday. They looked so good paired with some grey cotton joggers & my white flats. Outfits like this make me feel so comfortable lately. I feel like wearing things that actually accentuate my body & not things that cover it up. It’s an awesome feeling to actually get dressed in the morning & not have to freak out about things not fitting or feeling self conscious about one thing or another. Even though I’ve always loved clothes & wearing them, it’s nice to be able actually love the body they’re hiding too!









Shirt; H&M Pants; H&M Flats; Burlington Coat Factory

Holidays on Monday throw me completely off so sorry for the late night post!

—abbey kay


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